Thank You For Smoking, Motion Graphics

This is a lovely piece of motion graphics work for the typography nerd. It is the title sequence for Thank You For Smoking with Aaron Eckhart.


open dublin

Mender Remixes Artwork

Here is my first draft of the artwork for the Remixes EP. I intend on doing a series of these color spectrums. Still not brave enough to say I like the typeface outright.


I was working on some new artwork for a remixes EP. I wanted to use gaudy fonts inspired by the opening credits to Gaspar Noe’s film ‘Enter The Void’. When I first saw the titles I labelled them as genius, an attack on the brain that would leave any typophile overwhelmed with information. I then saw the video for Kanye West’s ‘All Of The Lights’ and low and behold there was (an admittedly less well executed) version of Enter The Voids titles. It’s a touch to similar to say that it was merely inspired by them, in the way that I want to be inspired for my project. Take a look at both videos. Noe’s one should come with a health warning.


James Blake-The Wilhelm Screen.

A musician I absolutely adore- and I’m really enjoying the music videos that have been released as accompaniment so far. I love the simplicity of this one. Devoid of narrative, it relies on a visual style that moves with the music. I think it does a great job of emulating the murky, emotive nature of this track.


If your into something that requires a bit more figuring out, take a look at this one for lindesfarne. I still haven’t got my head around this cultish piece, it is anything but boring – moving and beautifully shot.


I’ve been reading a lot of inflammatory articles about this new legislature due to be considered in the US. It all seems fairly shocking and heavy handed but I wonder if the articles I am reading are a little exaggerated, I certainly hope so. The fact that wikipedia have chased to blackout in protest seems fairly serious. I found this video which explains the legislation and its repercussions very nicely. It just so happens to be a very nice motion graphics piece.

After Effects work

I started looking up videos on the after effects channel on vimeo to suss out what can be done for next semester. I stumbled across this teaser for a feature. I don’t know if this was composited entirely with after effects, but I love the graphics and imagination of it.