Concepts From Random Words

I found this tool quite abstract but helpful. It involves randomly generating buzzwords in order to solve a problem in innovative ways. The random nature of this exercise forces you to think in alternative ways.

Here is an example I completed in class which illustrates how it works, and just how abstract the thinking process can be!

Problem to solve: Get Ireland out of recession

Random word: Puppy – from this random word, 4 word associations are created

  • barking
  • fun
  • teeth
  • soft

The random word “puppy’ is then completely discarded and the four words are used to generate two solutions each to the problem.


increase the harvesting of trees in Ireland.


Make Ireland the theme park capital of Europe, thus increasing tourism.


Minimise the un-necessary import of food, and support our struggling indigenous food industry, thus saving jobs.



I couldn’t always think of a solution to the to the problem using these words but it did throw up some interesting ideas that could be refined. This tool works because it requires you to completely shift your realm of thinking using completely unconnected words.


How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci

We covered the seven principles suggested in this book of how to think like a genius. The one that interested me most is sensory based.

It suggests that you refine your senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste. Knowing “how to” sense things is important.