For this design I decided to go with a contradictory bright colour scheme. The infamous 70’s patterned carpet that Danny rides his tricycle on were the basis for the colour choices.






I altered the deep red to a brighter purple colour that contrasted well will the bright orange. I wanted to create a simplistic, strong graphic poster with minimal detail. I was inspired by maze patterns starting off (referencing the maze in the gardens of the hotel). I played with the idea of using it to form a patterned background in which I would simply sit the text on top, or create a text mask and display the text as a cut out of the pattern. This was not very effective and I found the text got lost in the dizzying pattern.

I moved on to play with the image of the typewriter. This was a much more striking image in the orange colour from the palate. I combined this image with the maze pattern from my previous attempt. The result was an abstract image that I felt was eye-catching against the purple.

With regards to the font, I decided to keep things very simple, and chose an unobtrusive font called Avant Garde.