At the moment I am working on a brief to create a logo for an iphone colour app called ‘colour code’. The project can be logotype or typography based. I started out working with the idea of a colour spectrum or colour wheel and simplified the design so that it was comprised of only the letter ‘C’. I then started playing with the idea of using already recognisable signifiers like the dropper tool used for selecting colours in photoshop. This led to an overcomplicated visual for a logo so I reverted back to my original idea of working with the letter ‘c’. This started out as play and I tried plenty of overlapping combinations. Now, I am working on a spiral made up of many rotated letters in a simple balanced font. It has given me a strong graphic spiral that works well in rainbow colour and in black and white. I have begun working on a simple type for the words colourcode to sit alongside the logo. It’s a matter of playing with the scale and proportion of the logo relative to the text.